Exel Composites Plc’s Business Review for January 1 – March 31, 2016: Profitability impacted by low volumes in the first quarter; updated outlook for full year 2016


Exel Composites Plc’s Business Review for January 1 – March 31, 2016: Profitability impacted by low volumes in the first quarter; updated outlook for full year 2016     

Q1 2016 in brief

-- Order intake for the first quarter decreased by 20.8% to 18.0 (22.8) MEUR.
-- Revenue for the first quarter decreased by 16.6% to 17.9 (21.5) MEUR.
-- Operating profit amounted to 0.1 (2.0) MEUR, which is 0.8% (9.3) of revenue.
-- Net cash flow from operating activities was negative at -0.9 (+0.7) MEUR.
-- Earnings per share were 0.0 (0.13) EUR.

Outlook for full year 2016 (change in brackets)

The Company continues to implement its new strategy with focus on operational efficiency and optimizing the global manufacturing footprint. The Company estimates that operating profit excluding any non-recurring items will decrease (previously: increase) in 2016 compared to 2015.

President and CEO Riku Kytömäki:

During the first quarter of 2016 the market environment has been challenging. Some of our key clients have lost market shares, which has led to lower order volumes to Exel Composites and a decline in revenue. Last year our operating costs increased mainly due to the additional resources required to implement the long-term growth strategy. Despite the cost take out measures initiated in the latter part 2015, our cost structure in Q1 was not in line with the lower than expected business volume. Hence, the operating profit of the first quarter was low.  

We have launched new saving programs to further drive down operating costs. Currently these measures are targeted particularly at our units in Australia and Finland. In Australia we are significantly downsizing our operations due to continued low market demand. Our operations in Finland have been impacted by decreased order volumes of some key customers in our main market Europe. To mitigate the impact of declined revenues we have targeted resources and efforts first of all to new customer acquisition. Furthermore, we are also putting increasing focus on improving operational efficiency and optimizing capacity utilization.

Market outlook in the short term continues to be challenging. New customer acquisition in composite business is especially challenging when metal and oil prices are at a historically low level. We expect, however, that megatrends, such us urbanization and energy efficiency, continue to prevail and drive growth. These attractive long-term market fundamentals and our expertise in composites together with actions in line with our strategy keep us well positioned for profitable long-term growth.

Consolidated key figures

Thousands of euro
Order intake 18,032 22,762 -20.8 83,374
Order backlog 1) 15,382 13,816 11.3 15,348
Revenue 2) 17,919 21,495 -16.6 80,196
Operating profit 146 1,991 -92.7 4,414
% of revenue 0.8 9.3   5.5
Profit for the period -2 1,557 -100.1 2,844
Net cash flow from operating activities -862 688 -225.3 3,385
Return on capital employed, % 1.5 21.8   12.0
Net gearing, % 15.8 -8.3   2.0
Earnings per share, EUR 0.00 0.13   0.24
Equity per share, EUR 2.32 2.54 -8.7 2.58
1) As per 31 March, 2016.
2) Revenue by customer industries: Industrial 9.6 (13.8) MEUR, Construction & infrastructure 4.1 (4.6) MEUR, Other applications 4.2 (3.1) MEUR.

Financial results briefing

Exel Composites will hold a financial results briefing regarding the business review on Wednesday 11 May 2016 at 12.30 p.m. at Hotel Klaus K’s Wintti meeting room at the address Bulevardi 2-4, Helsinki, Finland (direct entrance is also available from Erottajankatu 4C).

Vantaa, 11 May 2016

Exel Composites Plc
Riku Kytömäki, President and CEO


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