Risk management, internal control and internal audit

Risk management

At Exel Composites risk management is a continuous process, which is integrated with the daily decision making and continuous monitoring of operations as well as with the preparation of half year financial reports, business reviews and annual financial statements.

The Board of Directors governs the risk management of the company through a risk management policy. In addition, the Board of Directors makes a risk assessment as part of the review and approval process of each set of half year financial reports, business reviews and annual financial statements. Risk factors are also considered in connection with any future guidance disclosed by the company.


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Internal control

Exel Composites Plc is the parent company for the whole Group. It manages and directs the operations for the whole Group. The main responsibility for the internal control and risk management relating to the financial reporting process lies with the Board of Directors. Exel Composites’ internal control framework and roles and responsibilities for internal control have been defined in the Internal Control Policy approved by the Board of Directors. Internal control is organized within the framework of regular management, reporting and reviews.

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Internal audit

Based on the effective operation of the group financial control, including the established controller function, the Company does not have a separate internal audit function. The Board of Directors or the President and CEO can assign Exel Composites’ controller function or an external service provider to perform internal audit assignments as needed.