Revenue distribution

Exel Composites identifies five main customer industries and four geographical regions by which Group revenue distribution is reported on a quarterly basis. 

Buildings and infrastructure

Composites are used in many different building applications, for example conductor cores and fibreglass window profiles. Composites allows to build more durable solutions and with lower lifetime operational costs through reduced maintenance.


Composites enable a wide range of solutions for various applications and industries where reducing weight or having control over material characteristics is important.


Composites are an ideal material for, for example, wind turbines due to high strength, stiffness, low weight and design flexibility. Composites are used in, for example, blade reinforcements, blade laminates, spar caps, blade root joints, spacers and carrots.


Exel Composites designs, develops, and manufactures carbon fibre, fibreglass, and hybrid composite solutions for lighter, safer, and more energy–efficient vehicles. Composites are used in, for example, side panels of trains and busses.


Composites provide diverse possibilities in, for example, machinery and electrical applications ranging from carbon fibre robot arms to fibreglass insulating rings for electric motors. In the area of defence, Exel Composites’ offering primarily consists of non-magnetic mine detector handles and telescoping camouflage netting support poles. In the area of telecommunications, Exel Composites’ portfolio includes low frequency 4G radomes that provide a durable solution for 4G antennas, 5G small cell mmWave and 5G Macro & MIMO composites.

Revenue by customer industry

Revenue by region