IR Principles

Exel Composites continually produces correct and up-to-date information for the markets as a basis for the formation of Exel Composites’ share price. The aim is to make Exel Composites’ activities better known, to profile the company and to increase the attraction of Exel Composites as an investment target.

Exel Composites follows the principle of impartiality and publishes all investor information on its website in Finnish and English. Exel Composites publishes a digital annual financial report in Finnish and English. Financial statements and business revivews and half-yearly reports are published in Finnish and English on the Company’s website. It is possible to subscribe to stock exchange releases.

Exel Composites arranges briefing sessions for analysts and the media at the time of announcing interim reports and significant news. Exel Composites observes a  silent period of 30 calendar days before the publication of financial statements, business reviews and half-yearly reports. At other times, the enquiries of analysts and investors are answered by phone or email, or at investor meetings.