INSIDE INFORMATION: Exel Composites is planning a rights offering of up to approx. EUR 23 million to accelerate the implementation of its transformative strategy and strengthen its capital structure



Exel Composites Plc (“Exel Composites” or the “Company”) is planning a rights offering to raise gross proceeds of up to approximately EUR 23 million (the “Offering”) to accelerate its strategy implementation and strengthen its capital structure. The Company has also agreed on a new financing agreement of EUR 52.4 million to refinance its existing bank loans, which is conditional on the successful completion of the Offering.

Highlights of the Offering

  • Objective of the Offering is to accelerate the implementation of Exel Composites’ transformative strategy to reach its financial targets of over EUR 200 million annual revenue and over 10% adjusted operating profit margin
  • The Company aims to raise gross proceeds of up to approximately EUR 23 million in the Offering
  • With the proceeds, the Company seeks to accelerate necessary growth investments, optimise its factory network, finance its working capital needs, and to strengthen its capital structure

Background of the offering

Exel Composites announced a new transformative strategy on 2 October 2023 to become a more integrated designer and manufacturer of pultruded composite solutions for volume and customer-specific applications. Focus of the new strategy is to grow organically within the volume and customer-specific applications as well as improve the Company’s profitability by increasing efficiency in the Company’s operations.

The new strategy will be delivered through the following focus areas: 

  • Capturing organic profitable growth from large and fast-growing sustainability-driven energy and decarbonisation applications
  • Focusing on increasing value to customers and helping them to choose composites for their applications by offering engineering support, productization and post-processing
  • Leveraging reorganised operating model, and
  • Having high ambition and focusing on rigorous execution

In connection with the strategy announcement, Exel Composites estimated the required financing need for executing the transformative strategy, business growth and working capital to be in the range of EUR 20–25 million during the five-year strategy period. With the proceeds from the contemplated Offering, the Company seeks to accelerate necessary growth investments, optimise its factory network to gain efficiencies and finance working capital needs for expected business growth. In addition, the Company seeks to strengthen its capital structure and improve its cash flow and profitability through debt repayments.

President and CEO Paul Sohlberg comments:

“The implementation of our transformative strategy, announced in October 2023, is moving ahead at speed. Our target is to grow organically within large and fast-growing sustainability-driven energy and decarbonisation applications as well as to improve our profitability by increasing efficiency. We have already announced new customer agreements in the transportation and wind energy industries. In addition, we have progressed in our factory network review and implemented our new operating model based on two business units. The Offering announced today allows us to accelerate the implementation of our transformative strategy and to strengthen our capital structure. It has also been pleasing to hear from various of our largest shareholders about their support for the new strategy and the planned Offering.”

New financing agreement

The Company has agreed on a new financing agreement of EUR 52.4 million with its main lenders, and the new financing agreement is conditional on the completion of the Offering with net proceeds of at least EUR 20 million. The new financing agreement will be used to refinance the Company’s existing bank loans. The maturity of the new financing is two years, which may be extended by one year by an agreement between the Company and the lenders. The Company will use EUR 6.5 million of the net proceeds from the Offering to repay its debt.

Extraordinary General Meeting

The Offering is subject to an authorisation by the Extraordinary General Meeting and a resolution by the Board of Directors of Exel Composites. Exel Composites seeks an authorisation for the Offering in the Extraordinary General Meeting of Exel Composites, which is to be held on 17 May 2024. Preliminarily and depending on the market conditions, the subscription period of the Offering is estimated to commence during the second quarter of calendar year 2024.


Nordea Bank Abp and Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch act as the joint global coordinators of the Offering (the “Joint Global Coordinators”). Borenius Attorneys Ltd acts as legal counsel to the Company. Roschier, Attorneys Ltd. acts as legal counsel to the Joint Global Coordinators. Hill & Knowlton Finland Oy acts as communications advisor to the Company.

For further information, please contact:

Mikko Rummukainen, CFO
tel. +358 20 754 1335

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Exel Composites in brief

Exel Composites is one of the largest manufacturers of composite profiles and tubes made with pultrusion and pullwinding technologies and a pultrusion technology forerunner in the global composite market. Our forward-thinking composite solutions made with continuous manufacturing technologies serve customers in a wide range of industries around the world. You can find our products used in applications in diverse industrial sectors such as wind power, transportation and building and infrastructure.

Our R&D expertise, collaborative approach and global footprint set us apart from our competition. Our composite solutions help customers save resources, reduce products' weight, improve performance and energy efficiency, and decrease total lifetime costs. We want to be the first choice for sustainable composite solutions globally.

Headquartered in Finland, Exel Composites employs over 600 forward-thinking professionals around the world and is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. To find out more about our offering and company please visit


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