President and CEO and the Group Management Team

Jouni Heinonen

Jouni Heinonen Board member, Interim President and CEO as of 1 October 2022


Mikko Rummukainen



Callum Gough

SVP, Operations


Kari Loukola

SVP, Business Unit Manager, Belgium


Kim Sjödahl

SVP, R&D and Technology


Olli Tevä

SVP, Sales & Marketing

Born 1960, M.Sc (Mechanical Eng.)
Swiss and Finnish citizen

Managing Partner, HVD Partners GmbH
Member of the Board since 2022, interim President and CEO of Exel Composites Plc as of 1 October 2022.

Holdings: 1,316 Exel Composites shares (on 31 December 2022)

Key professional experience
Chairman of the Board, Solifos AG
Operating Partner, Humatica AG
CEO & member of the Board, Plumettaz SA
CEO, Gurit Holding AG
COO, Gurit Composite Technologies
CEO & member of the Board, Nextrom Holding SA

Key positions of trust (current)
Chairman of the Board of Directors, SAMP Srl
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Finnester Oy
Member of the Board of Directors, Astera Solutions GmbH

Areas of responsibility

  • Creation of added value to the Group and shareholders
  • Managing and developing the Group’s business operations to achieve profitable growth
  • Developing the corporate strategy
  • Implementing the Board of Directors’ decisions
  • Developing and maintaining a well-functioning organization
  • Customer and investor relationships
  • Other responsibilities of the President and CEO

Born 1978, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Joined the company in 2011
Member of the Group Management Team since 2019
Finnish citizen

Holdings: 3,680 Exel Composites shares (on 31 December 2022)

Previous main positions

SVP, Business Development, Exel Composites
Vice President, Business Development, Exel Composites
Business Unit Manager, Exel Composites
Project Manager, August Associates
Researcher, Helsinki University of Technology

Areas of responsibility

  • Accounting and Treasury
  • Business Controlling
  • Investor Relations
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Legal matters
  • Risk Management
  • Business development
  • Secretary to the Company’s Board of Directors

Born 1960, M.Sc. (GM)
SVP, Operations

Joined the company in 2006
Member of the Group Management Team since 2007
British citizen

Holdings: 12,455 Exel Composites shares (on 31 December 2022)

Previous main positions

Managing Director, Exel Composites UK
Operations Director, Motherwell Bridge Aerospace
General Manager/Operations Director, Motherwell Bridge Plastics

Areas of responsibility

  • Continuous productivity improvement
  • Quality, environment and safety
  • Strategic purchasing
  • Investments
  • Strategic site planning

Born 1962, M.Sc. (Eng.), M.Sc. (Econ.)
SVP, Business Unit Manager, Belgium

Joined the company in 2013
Member of the Group Management Team since 2013
Finnish citizen

Holdings: 8,669 Exel Composites shares (on 31 December 2022)

Previous main positions

SVP Exel Composites Americas  – President of DSC Inc.
SVP, Sales & Marketing, Exel Composites Plc
Head of Business Development, Nokia Siemens Networks Japan
Head of OSS Product Management, Nokia Siemens Networks
Head of Middleware Business Line, Nokia Siemens Networks
Head of Service Management Business Line, Nokia

Areas of responsibility

  • Profitability improvement and growth in Exel Belgium
  • Lead the Exel Belgium organization and functions
  • Manage relationship with local government and authorities

Born 1974, M.Sc. (Eng.)
SVP, R&D and Technology

Joined the company in 1997
Member of the Group Management Team since 2012
Finnish citizen

Holdings: 12,500 Exel Composites shares (on 31 December 2022)

Previous main positions

VP, Product Development, Finnish and German units, Exel Composites Plc

Areas of responsibility

  • Group-wide development of products, product platforms and product technology and tooling
  • Leading, coordinating and developing product development activities in the Group
  • Leading R&D and IPR management activities

Born 1970, M.Sc. (Eng.)
SVP, Sales & Marketing

Joined Exel Composites in 2018
Member of the Group Management Team since 2018
Finnish citizen

Holdings: 16,590 Exel Composites shares (on 31 December 2022)

Previous main positions

Global Sales Director, Ensto Oy
VP, Solutions and After-market services, Danfoss A/S (Vacon Oyj)
VP, Sales in Middle East, India, South East Asia and Pacific, Vacon Oyj
Marketing Director Renewable energy, Vacon Oyj
Sales and product management roles, Vaisala Oyj
Area Manager, Drives Sales in Europe, ABB Drives

Areas of responsibility

  • Sales and marketing
  • Sales management
  • Leading sales organization
  • Optimization of Sales channels
  • Creating sales and marketing strategies
  • Product management – Product Sales – Product Strategies

Duties of the President and CEO and the Group Management Team

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board to run the Company on a day-to-day basis in compliance with existing laws and regulations, as well as instructions and decisions given by the Board. Since duties of the Board include supervision of the managing director, Exel Composites’ President and CEO shall not be elected as member of the Board. The areas of responsibility of the President and CEO include, in addition to the above mentioned legal requirements, and implementing the Board’s decisions, specifically also securing growth of the business, acquisitions and strategic projects, the increase in shareholder value, profitability and efficiency of operations, and investments within the limits defined by the Board.

The Board of Directors has adopted Rules of Procedure for the Managing Director containing guidelines and instructions regarding the Company’s day-to-day management.

The President is supported by the Group Management Team and is also a member of it. The Group Management Team includes, in addition to the President and CEO, the CFO, the SVP R&D and Technology, the SVP Sales and Marketing, the SVP Operations, the SVP Human Resources, and the SVP Strategic Projects. The President and CEO makes a proposal for the Group Management Team members and the Board of Directors approves the final composition of the Team. The President and CEO also directs the Group Management Team’s activities. The Group Management Team meets 6 to 10 times a year. Its duties include, in addition to daily running of the business and development of all areas of the business, also drawing up business and strategic plans and implementing them.

The President and CEO presents the remuneration of the other members of the Group Management Team to the Board, which makes the decision on the remuneration.

Exel Composites’ Board of Directors has approved the principles of a performance-based bonus system for the Group’s top management.