Insider management

Exel Composites complies with the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) N:o 596/2014, ”MAR”) as well as the insider guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki and discloses managers’ transactions as a stock exchange release.

Persons discharging managerial responsibilities at Exel Composites according to MAR are strictly forbidden to trade with Exel Composites financial instruments during 30 calendar days (closed window) before the publication of financial statements, business reviews and half-yearly reports and during the day of the publication. In addition the company applies the closed window also to defined persons who have access to unpublished financial result information.

Exel Composites maintains project-specific insider lists, which include all persons who in their duties have access to inside information. All project-specific insiders are strictly forbidden to trade in Exel Composites financial instruments or to make any unlawful disclosure of inside information.

A public insider register is not maintained as of 3 July 2016.