We are happy to announce that we have appointed Jens Hanusch as our Head of Sales for the North, East and Central Europe regions. Based in Germany, Hanusch will support the global sales team to increase Exel’s relationships with European customers and create strong partnerships.

Hanusch joins Exel with a wealth of experience in business development, account management and sales. His previous roles vary across materials and chemicals companies, working in numerous countries throughout Europe, including Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

After graduating in 2005 from the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany, with a degree in mechanical engineering, Hanusch started his engineering career working as a research associate at the Institute of Textile and Clothing Technology, also in Germany. In 2001, he became technical sales engineer at German building materials manufacturer Johns Manville, before moving to sales and product manager at fiberglass and textiles company, P-D Group.

In 2009, Hanusch worked for Owens Corning, a Brussels based insulation, roofing and composite materials manufacturer. Taking on the role of key account manager for Central and Eastern Europe, he also spent five years as the global market and business development leader at Owens Corning, before undertaking more business development roles at two Swiss companies.

Now, 2020 sees Hanusch returning to his engineering roots with Exel Composites. “My 15 years’ experience in materials, chemicals and manufacturing industries has allowed me to develop a breadth of knowledge that extends beyond my university education,” said Hanusch.

“I offer a solid understanding of key composite technologies and their applications, combined with expertise in strategic account management, global relationship-building and business development.”

“Working with different customers in a range of sectors and countries has given me great insight into how to adapt to changing markets and customer requirements. As head of regional sales, it’s vital I create strong and strategic relationships with key segment customers. The past roles in which I have succeeded, be it business development, management or research, will allow me to emphasize my capabilities in my new role at Exel.”

“Jens’s diverse experience and knowledge in engineering, materials and chemicals makes him a great fit for Exel”, said Olli Tevä, SVP Marketing and Sales at Exel Composites. “Composites deliver unique mechanical benefits, so each of our customers require products with different properties to suit their applications.

“With such a rich background, Jens understands this need for adaptability, and will forward-think sales for one of our key geographical areas”, added Tevä.

Exel Composites' Jens Hanusch

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